Thursday, February 14, 2013

Set Up Voice Messaging On A Net10 Phone

Net10 Wireless is a pay-as-you-go cellular phone provider that allows users to purchase wireless airtime without committing to a contract. Net10 offers both prepaid airtime packages and an unlimited service package. Both plans offer common cell phone benefits such as voice mail and text messaging. You will need to set up your Net10 voice mail or callers won't be able to leave you a message.



1. Visit the Net10 homepage at Click "Service and Support" in the red navigation bar at the top of the screen. This will load the customer service menu.

2. Click "Voice Mail" under the Feature Support tab on the Customer Service screen.

3. Enter your Net10 phone number or serial number in the appropriate box. You do not need to enter both. Make sure that your phone is charged and able to make and receive calls. If you need help locating your phone's serial number, click the "?" box next to the text box. Select your phone model from the list to display specific instructions for finding your serial number.

4. Click "Continue" to enter the voice mail setup interface. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your Net10 voice mail.

Over The Phone

5. Press and hold "1" on your Net10 cell phone's keypad to enter the voice mail system.

6. Press "*" on your phone's keypad when the default recorded message starts playing. This will skip the message and take you directly to your voice mail menu options.

7. Enter the last four digits of your Net10 phone number when prompted to enter your PIN. You will be given the option to change this later in the setup process.

8. Follow the voice prompts to record your voice mail greeting and change your PIN.

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